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Lakewood, CO - Psychic Insight Night with Psychic Medium Heather Hunter

By popular request Heather has devoted 90 minutes to giving answers, support, guidance and insight!Investment: 
$33 Small Group Experience!
Seating is limited so that Heather can offer something to everyone who requests it.

It's true, ALL MEDIUMS ARE PSYCHIC but not all Psychics are Mediums. Experience Heather's profound psychic and guidance skills!
This is a RARE night to hear what your guides want you to know! With the help of her own spiritual guides, Heather will tap into “your story” and help you with direction, better understanding about the people in your life and yourself-- what’s holding you back, your struggles, talents and more. Heather is particularly adept at giving you guidance around family members and current relationships. (Don't ask if you don't really want to know!)Are you wondering about someone in your life--your partner, your child, your boss, your co-worker? Heather can help you better understand the person, and/or the relationship!

Bring a notepad and pen!
Do you struggle with "tuning in" to your own intuition? Heather will give tips to help you better "trust your gut"!

**There may be a few “hitchhiking” passed loved ones coming in but your main interest in attending should be to learn/ask questions about your current situation, people in your life, direction, and similar topics. Bring a notepad and pen to jot things down! Get your tickets now at: