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New Orleans, LA - Ghost Hunt at the Andrew Jackson Hotel

Steeped in history and spirits, the Andrew Jackson Hotel in New Orleans is one of the top ten haunted places in Louisiana!  A spotlight location featured on every haunted tour of the French Quarter, this is one hotel that will please every paranormal enthusiast! 

The beautiful two-story building that stands now was built in 1890 but the history of the location begins much earlier.  The original structure on the site was an all-boy boarding school, or orphanage.  The second great fire of New Orleans in December of 1794 burned that building to the ground.  Five young boys tragically died in the fire and many believe that their spirits still linger on the grounds.

The sound of children giggling and laughing is often heard in the courtyard after dark.  They also have been seen in several different rooms, particularly rooms 208, 107 and 109.  Shadow figures, full-bodied apparitions, heart wrenching EVPs (electronic voice phenomena), laughter, doors opening and closing, water turning on and off of its own volition, lights flickering, the sound of barefoot running, a sense of being watched, pulling the covers off sleeping guests and ice cold fingers tickling guests in their sleep—guests have had a multitude of experiences and captured tons of evidence that suggests that a majority of the hauntings in the hotel can be attributed to the mischievous boys lurking in the shadows.

There are also rumors that Andrew Jackson still walks the halls.  After the Louisiana Purchase, the Federal Courthouse was built on the site.  When the War of 1812 ended with the ratification of the Peace of Ghent—Andrew Jackson was taken to court due to his proclamation and enforcement of martial law.  He arrested and imprisoned several people including a state legislator and the Judge who tried to have him released. The United States v. Major General Andrew Jackson was heard at the courthouse.  Jackson was found in contempt of court and fined one thousand dollars.  Maybe his spirit revisits the location due to the ungrateful nature of the court after he saved New Orleans from the British Navy!

You may be wakened in the night by a spirit watching your television or perhaps you’d like to visit with the spirit of the woman who seems to oversee the cleaning and running of the hotel even in death.  She’s been known to even move furniture around!  Or maybe you’ll run into the child who goes by the name Armond who some say was thrown from the second-floor balcony and occasionally shoves guests out of the bed.  What exactly goes bump in the night at the Andrew Jackson Hotel?  You should come and find out! Price includes hotel and ghost hunt - per person! Book Here: