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Bentonville, AR - Peel Mansion: Haunted History Comes Alive

Come see this live reenactment of historical and life-changing events that occurred at the Peel Mansion. Built in 1875, the mansion has many secrets and… ghosts. The mansion is well-known for its haunted history which may have began as early as 1902 when Mr. Peel tried to sell the house, after the death of his wife, for 8 years. Three separate vignettes provide historical events that impacted the history of the Peel family and other residents of the Peel Mansion. Ticket prices are $25 for adults, $12. 50 for children under ages 6 to 11 and free for 6 and under. Prices includes a meal in the Carriage House.

For assistance with travel, overnight accommodations or other haunted locations in or near Bentonville, AR, contact Ultimate Paranormal Adventures at (719) 351-5245. For tickets for this single event, please contact the Peel Foundation at 479.254.3870.