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Hotel Galvez

Hotel Galvez

Hotel Galvez - Galveston, TX

The Hotel Galvez stems from the age of the gilded resort hotels.  It glories in the magnificence of a wealthy island and was designed to attract tourists.  It has seen the creme de la creme of society but it was built on the remains of one of the worst natural disasters in American History, which may explain some of the many spirits which still inhabit this illustrious, historic, old hotel.

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Old Town Spring, TX

One can only imagine what occurred in this bustling railroad town where saloons, gaming halls and other adventures awaited, over the years.  Today, Spring offers surprises aplenty and they range from the delicious food to the quaint shops to the extraordinary number of ghostly sightings and haunted buildings.  Take the journey with us by learning more!

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Oakwood Cemetery - Huntsville, TX

The stuff of myths and legends, Oakwood Cemetery has it all!  It is the final resting place of Texas' famed General, Sam Houston. It offers a sanctuary with one of only 4 replicas of The Christus in the US, cast in solid bronze.  It has Civil War soldiers from both sides buried and honored. It has famed writers, famed scholars and other notables.  It even has the original location of The Steamboat House, Sam Houston's last home.  Most importantly, however, it has plenty of local lore and legend of ghostly tales... and we couldn't debunk any of them!