About the blog

Paranormal encounters are hard to come by when you're not a trained professional, like Michelle Tebow (founder of Ultimate Paranormal Adventures).  For the amateur eye, what might just look like a shadow or the wind, could actually be a something paranormal. It is for that very reason that Michelle has created this blog - to help anyone, anywhere connect with the paranormal.

On this blog you'll find her personal journals of her experiences in different travel locations, some tips and tricks for hunting ghosts yourself, and tons of ideas for historic locations to travel to.

Michelle has made it her life's work to hunt paranormal activity. Her passion shows in her detailed writing. We hope you enjoy reading about her adventures just as much as she enjoyed living them! Maybe you'll want to join in on the fun? If so, scroll down to learn more about our travel agency.

about the agency

Our goal is to get you up close and personal with the ghosts and paranormal phenomena that you are seeking. Many of our clients are looking for serious ghost hunting, but others just want to be put in the right place and "see what happens."  We've had some great stories, photos and, even audio recordings from returning guests.  Though we can arrange international ghost hunting and paranormal travel, our expertise is currently on the domestic side.  We have, personally, scouted out and investigated many of the locations on our list.  After all, it's not every day that you get a ghost hunter, history lover and travel enthusiast bundled into one source!  

We work with reputable ghost hunters and psychic mediums, world-wide, to keep our paranormal locations list updated and currently have over 2,500 paranormal hot spots in the United States to help build the perfect Ultimate Paranormal Adventure for you! Don't forget to check out our events calendar for a quick night of ghostly entertainment, with our compliments!

OK, here’s how it works:

For $25.00 we offer a 1 hour consultation on your Ultimate Paranormal Adventure.  This will provide you a destination and, at least, 3 haunted locations to explore.  Usually, this includes a haunted overnight accommodations. This is a great choice for up to 3 day vacations.

For $50.00 we offer a 2 hour consultation on your Ultimate Paranormal Adventure.  This provides you with up to 3 destinations and, at least, 6 haunted locations to explore.  Usually, this includes haunted overnight accommodations.

If you are taking a longer vacation but only want a small part of it to be paranormal, we recommend that you choose the 1 hour consultation.  You will be provided with an email detailing the recommendations for your Ultimate Paranormal Adventure that includes the locations, contact information and, if applicable, the website links. These fees do not include booking.  We allow you to make your own bookings or charge a nominal fee ($5 per component of trip) for making the arrangements for you.  We are fully certified travel agents but many of our ghostly and paranormal suppliers do not pay commissions, therefore, the consultation and booking fees are how we cover our expenses. We feel this is the best option for you as can book some components of your travel, independently, and get assistance with others.  This allows you just the level of support and service that you desire!


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